Exercise Is Awesome

25 Must-See Graphics Showing Why Exercise Is Still Awesome

Recently there has been a lot of negative media coverage about exercise and its inability to help people lose weight. Research has shown that exercise isn’t a weight-loss wonder and people are being encouraged to rethink their strategy if they are treating it as such.

I can’t agree more. But, does that mean exercise has lost its mojo? Are you working up a sweat for nothing?

Not by a long shot!

Here are 25 reasons why exercise is still awesome. Which one of these motivates you to get up and get moving?

1. Exercise Is Good For Your Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

2. Exercise Makes You Better In Bed

Improve Sex With Exercie

3. Speaking of Bed…Exercise Helps You Sleep

Exercise improves sleep

4. Exercise Supercharges Your Brain

Exercise boosts brainpower

5. And It Actually Makes You Smarter

Exercise Makes You Smarter

6. Yes, Exercise Still Burns Calories

Burn Calories with Exercise

7. It Can Help You Work Off a Big Meal

Burn off meal with exercise

8. Exercise Is Necessary If You Want to Compete in a Race or Sport

Exercise for Marathon

9. Exercise Is Great During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

10. And Is Just As Important Post-Pregnancy

Post-Natal Exercise

11. Exercise Is Pretty Super for Women In General!

Exercise For Strength

12. Exercise Helps Fight Depression

Fights Depression

13. And Simply Makes Life Happier

Exercise For Happiness

14. It Gives You Something to Do While Watching TV

Exercise While Watching TV

15. Exercise Is Good for “Firming Up”


16. It Also Gives You a Pass to the Gun Show

Gun Show

17. It’s Necessary Before a Trip to the Beach

Beach Exercise

18. It’s Also a Good Excuse to Socialize More!

Social benefits of exercise

19. Exercise Helps Relieve Stress

REduce Stress with Exercise

20. And It Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Arthritis

Exercise for Arthritis

21. Exercise Benefits Those Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis Too

Exercise for MS

22. Exercise Leads to Longer Life

Live Longer

23. There’s a Type of Exercise For Everyone

Personality Exercise

24. It’s Just Plain Fun!

Exercise Is Fun

25. And in Case We Missed Something…

Reasons to exercise

Now it’s your turn. Which of these reasons keeps you exercising? Tell us in the comments below!


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