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Setting the Right Fitness Priorities for Time-Saving Results [Podcast Episode #061]

Do you ever feel like "fitness" could be your full-time job?

Getting to the gym every single day, researching healthy recipes, shopping for all the right foods, and then spending hours in the kitchen preparing nourishing meals. It takes time, right?

Here's your shortcut.

Learn how to prioritize your activities for the best possible results in the least amount of time. The old adage, "Work smarter, not harder," definitely applies to fitness.

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How to Set the Right Fitness Priorities For Better Results in Less Time [Full Text]

Dave: Hey, thanks so much joining me in this episode of The Make Your Body Work Podcast. As you know this show is all about helping you live a healthier and happier life. Today we’re talking about a topic that … This is probably one of the most common topics. If you listen to the podcast with any regularity you’ll know that we talk a lot about using time wisely or prioritizing things that are going to get us the best results whether it be prioritizing the right exercises or prioritizing the right eating.

It’s just one of those things that I think as people we’re going to always come back to because I imagine if I asked everyone in the audience … "let’s do this!" In the audience if you’re listening right now put up your hand if you feel really busy right now and right now my hand’s up. I’m imagining that probably pretty close to 100% of our hands are up indicating that yeah, we feel really busy. It’s this constant struggle, what do I prioritize, what am I going to invest my time in, what am I going to invest my life in. I got a question from Kimby this week that was addressing exactly this topic of busyness, so let’s dive right into Kimby’s question.

She says: I don’t make time for me. My husband travels, I run two businesses as a sole proprietor and we have three kids. Who says mom gets time alone? I’m actually on vacation right now while my husband is working, but my luggage got lost, never a dull moment for mom. I feel I have to fight for every minute I can take for myself. I need some help finding the most productive activities I can take on that don’t require tons of time, but will help me stay in shape.

Like I said I think this is so common. For moms definitely, for dads definitely, but for anyone who’s feeling really busy that question of … I like that she used the word most, what are the most productive activities because that’s what it’s all about, figuring out what are the most productive things that we could do with our time to give us the best results.

I’m excited because I have an amazing guest today who has been working in the fitness industry for years and we’re going to talk a little bit about her history. Also has a family, has a husband, is still trying to balance her career and is taking on all this while navigating through what are the important things that she needs to focus on. She has some really great advice and some practical steps that anyone who feels busy can apply to your own life to help find fitness despite a very busy schedule. I’m really excited to introduce to you, Sara Haley.

Meet Sara Haley

Dave: Hey, Sara, thanks so much for joining us on the show today.

Sara: Thank you so much for having me.

Dave: Yeah, I’m excited to have you. We were talking before the recording began here and I was reading your bio and you said a couple of things that really stood out to me. I wanted to ask you about one in particular. You’ve got a big history in fitness and dance, but then towards the end of your bio you said that you’re moving towards a better life balance. You use the phrase … You said balancing what you love with who you love and that really struck me. I was wondering if maybe you could tell us a little bit, what’s that all about?

Sara: Sure, in simplest terms before I had children I was pretty selfish, but it’s because I didn’t know any better to be frank. I didn’t know any better. I had my husband who, yes, was my number one priority. I’ll be completely honest in that work came before him a lot of the times depending on the project and how much I thought I was going to miss out on it. Balancing what I loved with who I love wasn’t really a struggle plus he was a grown man, so he understood and we were good communicators.

Once I had children that just … really it just threw me because I never … I’m sure as any parent can relate to I just really … As much as I loved my husband the love you have for your children is so different because it’s people that literally cannot survive without you, physically, mentally, everything. That just overtook any other priorities I’ve ever had in my life.

I’ll probably get emotional talking about it because it is, it’s just such an overwhelming feeling I think especially in those first couple of years. I had never had to balance the things that I loved doing because those either incorporated my husband and my friends and my adult family members. I didn’t have to try to juggle it and make time for both.

We are a healthy family, so a lot of the things that I do like to do we can include our two boys in, but there’s a lot of things that I can’t. I can take them to the gym with me and leave them at a kids’ club, I can go outdoors and work out with them, but I can’t do the workouts that I loved doing. I can’t go to a dance class and bring them. I can’t be in a dance show and have them there.

Those were the things that I had to reprioritize and decide how much did I want to do them. I also could do them … I think the biggest thing that freaked me out in some ways was I couldn’t do them whenever I wanted for however long I wanted, how often I wanted.

Not only did that change how I had to look at life, but it also changed my body which I think for a lot of athletes and very physical people that is an adjustment that you do have to make. If you’re not going to live your life in the gym you can no longer look like you live your life in a gym. Whatever choice you make is up to you, but I definitely made the choice that I don’t want to be in the gym all the time.

I want to be with my kids more than I want to do that and so that changed a lot of things for me. I cannot tell you that I’ve found a way to do it best. That’s what my blog is about a lot, either that struggle of trying to make that happen or ways that I have found to successfully do it at different moments in my life.

Dave: I love that message and I love the fact that you were straight up and honest and said when you start to reprioritize you’re not going to look like you’re spending hours and hours training like you did before kids. I know a lot of listeners have different life stage changes that put themselves in a similar position where they just can’t exercise like they once did and that somehow you’ve become okay with that.

Sara: Yeah, or you try to or you just take deep breaths and some days are better than others. You remember all the things that you have done that maybe are bigger and better … than just lifting weights.

Dave: Yeah, and I was going to push you on that a little bit because it’s one of those nice things to say. Okay, I’ll just resolve to the fact that 10 years ago I maybe was in better shape than I am now, I’ll be okay with it. To actually believe that is really, really difficult at least for most of the clients I work with, for myself, and it sounds like for you as well. Do you have any tricks or suggestions? How did you actually believe that?

When Do Your Priorities Have to Change?

Sara: Oh, I still work on it all the time. Yeah, I’ll be really honest with that. Here’s how I look at it and I listen to a lot of other podcasters and my own mentors. I really love a saying that I’ve heard from a few of them recently which is this is your season of X.

Your seasons throughout your life are going to change just like the seasons, spring, fall, winter and summer change. What your priorities are are going to change. What I do right now is my kids are five and two and I think I probably want to have some more. Right now I’m in …

Dave: A little busy.

Sara: My seasons are going to continue on like this for awhile, but they need me so much right now. I know that when they don’t I can go back, if I even want to, and I hope by then I will probably be in a different mindset as well. I can go back to that in five years if that’s what I really want to do in terms of living my life fitness all the time.

I will have a chance to go back to that, so I try to look at it as this is the season to raise my children. These are the seasons to raise my children and I have to put my passions or my interests … I don’t want to push them away, but they’re going to have to be a little bit farther down in the priority list, why this takes a different priority.

That was going to actually be one of the recommendations that I was going to give everybody today which I did right after I had my second son because it was pretty easy for me to do everything after I had my first. My second son … Because now I had two people to cater to I literally did not have the time, where I was finding I did not have the time to go to the gym as much or to just work out. When I say go to the gym I mean work out, so I don’t necessarily mean you have to be in the gym.

I took a step back and I looked at my priority list. This is what I recommend everyone doing. If you can take away anything from today is putting on paper what your priorities used to be, so I can use myself as an example.

Pre-kids my priorities were my husband, my work, working out and then whatever, my travels, seeing my other family members, friends, et cetera. Working out was literally balanced with my work and I worked full-time in fitness, so working out really was my life, let’s face it. That was number two and three on my priority list. That’s pretty high up there.

Now I look at my priority list and no offense to my husband. He’s not probably number one, my kids are probably balancing at one and two. He’s somewhere like number three, but sometimes my work has to come before that, so that’s three or four.

Then I’m looking at maybe a workout or actually no, maybe I’ll sleep. Oh, no, no, and then even before that is my home, keeping my home. I didn’t use to … I lived in a 400 square foot apartment in New York City prior to kids, now I have a house, so that’s probably number five. Now I’m looking at my workouts being number six or seven on my list where they used to be number two or three.

Dave: Yeah, what a shift, eh? Particularly when you come from working in the fitness industry.

Sara: Right.

Dave: You know how it is, you’re comparing yourself to all the other people who are doing the same thing as you and there’s that pressure to look and function the best possible.

Sara: It is and I had to look at that. I had to say to myself, okay, if I really care that much about putting on a smaller pair of jeans then I have to either reprioritize and put my workouts above my work or above sleep or above my house.

Then do I want … is it really that important, Sara, is it? Some weeks it feels like it is, but I would say the majority of the time it feels like it isn’t because again this is my season to do something different. If I can work out three or four times a week opposed to five or six I think I’m going to be okay.

Dave: Agreed, agreed.

Sara: For right now I don’t need to put on that smaller pair of jeans.

Dave: Yeah, again I really appreciate your honesty. As you were speaking there I was thinking about a lot of the clients that I’ve dealt with over the years. I’m sure you’ve experienced this as well where someone will come in and say I want to achieve, whatever their fitness goal is, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

They’ll make that blanket statement, I’ll do whatever it takes, but I love your suggestion about actually writing down those priorities because when push comes to shove it’s okay that a workout isn’t your number one priority.

In fact, I’d say in most seasons of life it shouldn’t be. I think it’s a bit of an unfortunate thing that sometimes we see this a lot in the media and particularly in the fitness world that it seems like fitness and exercise, that should be everyone’s number one priority. I don’t think that’s reality. What do you think?

Should Fitness Really Be Your #1 Priority?

Sara: No, I think there’s so many … Let’s just talk about eating good food, eating good food … That’s what I try to think of, too, what’s going to affect my family? Here’s the deal, my kids … I put on about 35 pounds during my pregnancies. My son, the only thing he noticed … My 5-year-old son, so he was 3 when I was pregnant with my second. The only thing he noticed was that I had a big belly. He didn’t notice all the other extra weight that I gained.

You also think who are you doing this for. Are you doing it for … If you’re doing it for you you got to sit back and look at how are you trying to fulfill whatever it is that you are judging yourself on. I try to look at it is what’s going to affect my family as a whole. Okay, if it’s going to … If working out is going to affect my mood, yes, and I always say that to moms.

Don’t do it because you want to fit in your skinny jeans, do it because you want to be happier because that ultimately will make you a better mom. I say that to my husband on the weekends when he’s like no, you don’t have to do it on the weekends. I’m like, you know what, I will be a happier person if you can let me work out one day out of the weekend.

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Dave: That’s a good argument.

Sara: That’s been our deal.

Dave: There’s no way he can refuse that argument.

Sara: No, I know, and he has learned that, but I will tell you that at least a couple times a month we have that discussion again and we trade off. I say I’m going to go … I like to do yoga on the weekends, so I’m going to do yoga and then when I come back you can go for your run and it’s that trade off. Or one of us does it on a Saturday, one of us does it on a Sunday, but it can really kill your weekend because it does involve …

Then you have to get back and [inaudible 00:13:41]. It doesn’t become a 45-minute event, it becomes a 2-hour … which I know that sounds like nothing when you don’t have children, but when you’re trying to do something as a family for the day it can kill the weekend. Where was I going with this? We were talking about …

Dave: We were talking about the idea of it being okay that fitness isn’t the number one priority.

Sara: Yeah, but I think health and wellness and happiness can be, so maybe, maybe if it’s that you can’t get the workouts in … You and I both know this, workouts are great, but really it comes down to the food that you’re putting in your body. Maybe we pay a little more attention to what we’re eating and how much we’re eating.

That’s where I think moms, dads, too, we really start to lose it when we have kids because we’re so distracted by them we’re not noticing that we had a bowl of mac and cheese with them and then dinner later. I think that’s where you can start to put a little bit more of your attention towards … If the struggle is getting your workouts in maybe start to pay a little more attention to that, pay a little bit more attention to how much sleep you’re getting, how much you’re snacking, all of that.

Healthy living start with your food choices. All the exercise in the world can't cure a bad diet.

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Dave: If I can just jump in there really quickly …

Sara: Yeah, please.

Dave: … and highlight, so Kimby, her question was … Basically, she’s saying hey, I run two businesses, I’ve got three kids, I’ve got a husband and we travel, all this stuff’s going on. I just want to stay in shape, what can I do, how can I prioritize. I love the fact that you come right out and say hey, you start by writing out your priority list.

Then her final statement is she says I need help finding some productive … or sorry, the most productive activities that I can take on that don’t require tons of time. You said right there focus maybe first on your eating and eating a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily require more time than eating an unhealthy one.

Eating healthy doesn't necessarily require more time than eating unhealthy. It just takes practice.

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Join the "Healthy Choices Food Challenge"

Sara: Correct, and I would encourage you all … I have a challenge that is free right now and I say go check it out now because it may not always be free. It is called the Healthy Choices Food Challenge. I have a chef friend here in Santa Monica and she helped me come up with this because I have a ton of free fitness challenges. When you’re part of my fitness challenges you get invited to this private Facebook group. I would say 80% of the people in there are moms. Not everybody, most of them are just busy people.

Their request was, Sara, I’m making horrible food choices. I just need some help making some better food choices. Several of them were moms that were nursing and they were just feeling they were hungry all the time and grabbing the wrong foods.

My friend, Kara, she helped me come up … We did 10 tasks and the goal of these 10 tasks was not to necessarily lose weight although that’s definitely a benefit, but more how can you get yourself back on track.

For instance, the first day is, obviously, I’m sure everybody could guess, is going to be about hydration. The second thing was eating your veggies for breakfast. Then you continue to have to do these challenges throughout the 10 days and they are totally doable. We also give you 30 free recipes to help you do this in the challenge.

I got amazing feedback in terms of just a) it pointed out to people where their mistakes really were, where their struggles really were. I think also on a positive note what healthy things they really were doing. They just weren’t recognizing them because they were looking at the negative all the time and recipes that people really find that they’re using in their repertoire now.

Dave: Oh, I love that and for the listeners this is … If you to go to I’ll put a link out to the Healthy Choices Food Challenge and so you can check it out. That sounds great. I love the fact that there’s a specific list because sometimes it becomes overwhelming, there’s so much information.

Right now with the Internet and social media and all this, I just feel we’re in constant overload of all these things we could be doing to improve our health. I feel that’s what Kimby’s experiencing right now is there’s too much, so I like the idea of boil it down to a few actions and then, I don’t know, maybe do this in the challenge. I’m a huge fan of Checklist. There’s got to be something where you can check out

Sara: Yeah, there’s a checklist in there.

Dave: Yeah, it sounds so simple, but it makes such a difference. Put down on a piece of paper these are my priorities, these are the actions I’m going to take, and then check them off for a week, check them off for two weeks and what a difference that makes.

Adjusting the "Rules" You Live Your Life By

Sara: I was actually … It’s funny you say that, I was thinking about this the other day. I think as a culture we love rules. I was thinking about who decided that we would sleep 8 hours at night, but it’s a rule we all follow. It’s not 8 hours for all of us, but everybody unless they have a job that requires otherwise for the most part we all sleep at night. That’s the rule, we go to bed at night. No one has really done that with … The rule originally was eat 3 meals a day and now it’s eat 6 meals a day.

Nobody knows what rule to follow because nothing’s really stuck because it’s a little bit different for everybody. I think that’s what you have to look at. For instance, a newscaster, they don’t sleep 8 hours at night. Some of them have to wake up at 3 in the morning, so that they can be on the news at 5 and then they are going to bed earlier than everybody else.

They’ve made adjustments to their rule to fit their lifestyle, to fit what they need and want to do. I think that’s how we should all be looking at ourselves for our job. Right now in this season of life what are the rules that I need to follow and then make those rules for yourself.

I think that by having some rules set into place that will help you. Bob Harper has a really great book called The Skinny Rules. I don’t know if you’ve ever …

Dave: No, I’ve never seen it.

Sara: Yeah, I listen to a lot of stuff when I’m cooking now and I didn’t actually read the book, but I listened to the audio book. He’s got a really good … It’s very simple rules that he, I think, probably used a lot with his Biggest Loser clients. It’s actually really great, simple stuff as well, so that’s a great one to check out, too.

Dave: Cool, I’ll link that in the show notes again, that’s I love the fact that you alluded to our uniqueness and you even said that we’re all different and these rules … The rules that you might set up, Sara, for yourself, if I tried to implement those rules I might crash and burn and turn it into the least healthy, least happy guy ever and vice versa. I think that’s okay, but for some reason like you said it’s like everyone feels the need to find this cookie cutter set of rules or roadmap to follow that apparently is going to lead us all to perfect health. It just doesn’t make sense.

Sara: Yeah, and it’s a good thing to use with your kids, too. They’re going to be faced with other families that have different lifestyles and make different food choices and health choices. I think if you can start to instill some of that in your house … My kids love veggies, but they’ve always seen me eat veggies and I’ve never said that that’s a rule. The word rule does sound a little extreme and negative, but I think setting up those things for you will only instill that in your kids as well.

Dave: When you’re doing your challenges or we talked about having checklists, what do you recommend in terms of accountability or motivation or teamwork? I know you said a Facebook group. What else can people do, so they’re not just trying to do this alone because that’s tough even if you have your checklist. It feels good to check them off, but it’s tough.

Finding True Motivation And Accountability

Sara: No, I would say, okay, so I’m going to tell you guys something that I actually haven’t told anybody yet and I’m going to do a blog post on it. I just gave up … I’ve been 30 days without Diet Coke. I know, it sounds … People are like you drank Diet Coke?

Dave: That sounds awful.

Sara: It was my vice, it was my vice, but literally I was like an alcoholic. If I felt stressed I was like I need a Diet Coke, I need a Diet Coke. About 30 days ago, it was on my birthday, I said I’m done and I quit cold turkey and I told everybody… I didn’t tell social media. That’s a way to do it if you want, too, but I told the people that I loved most.

I told my husband who totally didn’t believe me and I told my parents and I told my sister and I told my good friends. I told the people that would really nail me if they saw me with one and say yeah, Sara, you said you were going to give it up, but you didn’t.

Dave: It’s like the paparazzi’s there, they’re looking for you and your Diet Coke.

Sara: Right, right, I know, but it was the one thing that people found out about me. They were like really, you, you drink Diet Coke? I did and I think doing something like that … If you want to put it out on social media, if you think that will work for you, but you know what, the people on social media, your friends on social media are not the people that are actually going to see you every day.

Dave: Agreed, agreed.

Sara: Probably no offense, don’t care that much if you do your workout or you don’t or if you stay strict on your diet or you don’t. The people who love you most are going to call you on your shit, if I can say that on your show.

Dave: It’s all good, we’ll edit that out. We’ve got a clean show here, but everyone gets the point.

Sara: That’s what I would recommend doing. A Facebook group is great and I will tell you, especially for my moms out there, this Facebook group is unbelievable because it’s people who get you. It’s a lot of moms in my Facebook group who get oh, my gosh, my kids were up all night, I just can’t hold it together today. I don’t know if I can complete this challenge or rock on, I lost an inch. Whatever it is, they just really are supportive in that group and I think it’s great for that.

In terms of what you’re asking really making something happen you got to tell the people that you love most. Maybe even say to them I need you to call me out on that stuff if I don’t do what I say I was going to do and I need your support.

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Dave: I agree, I love that last line, too, is giving permission to be called out because it can be one of those awkward subjects or awkward topics. Giving permission and actual authentic permission that your husband or your wife or your sister or whoever it is can point that finger and say hey, you asked me to do this, so I’m doing it.

Sara: Yeah, people like my mother-in-law was like can I drink a Diet Coke in front of you? I was like I’m okay, it’s not that bad.

Dave: That’s so funny. Oh, I love again that you admitted that on air that Diet Coke’s your vice.

Sara: It’s official. Now social media knows.

Dave: Yeah, they do, but that is great advice. We talked about a couple of really key things here. We talked about writing out your priority list, writing out an actions list and having that checklist to follow it. Then maybe even picking some of those actions, like even one or two, we don’t need to overwhelm ourselves and telling someone this is what I’m committing to. All these other things, I hope to achieve those as well, but I commit to doing X.

Sara: Yeah, and in terms of her question, too, about what can I do when I don’t have a lot of time. I do have quite a few finished challenges, the, which is great for any of my moms, whatever point they are at in motherhood.

If they’ve had a diastasis recti which is the separation of the abdominals, that happens a lot due to pregnancy and most women don’t know they have it, this challenge is very appropriate because it doesn’t have any crunches.

These challenges, too, I think by saying for the next 10 days or for the next 15 days, however long the challenge is, I can just do this. It doesn’t have to be mine, they’re all over … If you got o Pinterest or any social media outlet you can find some of these challenges, but I think they really do work especially for somebody who’s trying to get back into the game or just stay committed for a certain period of time. They’re very doable and I think you’ll feel a big sense of accomplishment when you finish them.

Dave: I agree and just making it bite-sized. Again pick something really small. We talk about exercise, I know a lot of these challenges are literally 10 or 15 minutes a day. I’m not discrediting anyone who’s out there saying I don’t have 15 minutes, but most people have 15 minutes.

Sara: Yeah, you do because guess what, you’re at least 15 minutes on Facebook every day.

Make Your Body Work Takeaway

Dave: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Sara, I feel there’s a lot of very actionable items that we touched on today. I’d like to finish up the show with something called The Make Your Body Work takeaway that is the one from what we talked about today that people like Kimby can start with, so someone who’s really busy, finding it a tough time to prioritize what they need to prioritize in order to get back in shape. What would you say the first place to start is?

Sara: I think I insinuated this a little bit, but I think the biggest thing to remember and I have to tell myself this all the time as well is that something is always better than nothing. Yeah, so if you can get a workout in first thing in the morning it’s always going to be better because the day gets away from you.

I think if you get to the end of the day and you realized that you have not moved your body at all hold a plank, do 10 pushups, do 50 squats, do all 3 of those, but do something to end your day if that is one of your goals, to be physical, because something’s always better than nothing.

You’re never going to wake up the next day being like ah, man, I shouldn’t have done those squats, that was dumb. No, you’re going to wake up being like at least I did squats yesterday. Maybe I didn’t fit in a workout, but at least I did those squats.

Dave: You might actually feel it a little bit, feel the effects and then that’s reinforcing that you made a good choice.

Sara: Yeah, but just to your point about talking about the 15 minutes. I think sometimes we think all I have is 15 minutes. Well, you have 15 minutes, do that because 15 minutes throughout your entire week adds up.

Something is always better than nothing. It's easier to start small and work you way up to bigger achievements!

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Dave: Yeah, oh, it sure does. I love that. One of the tricks … I don’t know if I talked about this in my podcast. One thing I use in my own life, I hate stretching. I’m so inflexible, I’m not built to stretch, but I know that I need it. The trick that I do is I allow myself to watch an episode of something on Netflix, so it’s 20 minutes and then I get to watch that if I stretch while I’m watching it.

It’s a little treat that entices me to do something that maybe I wouldn’t otherwise do. I do like your suggestion, think about if you have 15 minutes before bed, okay, maybe pick an exercise that you like doing. Maybe do it watching TV, maybe throw in some music or something to make it enjoyable as opposed to something that you procrastinate or dread.

Sara: Right, we used to be able to say do that stuff during the commercials.

Dave: Way, way back.

Sara: Now we have Netflix. I would go back to either … There are definitely some workouts that you could do while you’re watching, but I also think maybe the idea of do them and then be able to turn on Netflix. By the time you’re done you’re going to be asleep on the couch, so I like the idea of making that your little reward.

Dave: Yeah, oh, cool. Sara, thanks so much for joining us today. Can you tell us where can people connect with you because I know a lot of listeners will probably want to find out more and check out some of your resources that you mentioned.

Sara: Sure, so my website is and then I’m on social media everywhere @SaraHaleyfit.

Dave: Awesome.

Sara: It’s Sara with no H, so S-a-r-a H-a-l-e-y and if you all would like to go to Sara … You can either go to and you’ll see at the top sign up for Sara’s next challenges or free fitness challenges or you can go to SaraHaley.comNextChallenges. I think your excuse-proof link that you have, too, links to that. What that will give you is a free 5-minute workout that I created as part of my Unlimited Workout DVD Series actually about a year after I became a mom because what I found as many of us do is I just didn’t have the time or sometimes I didn’t know how much time I would have.

On that DVD there’s a 45, a 30, a 15-minute, a 5-minute workout and there’s a 5-minute bonus. That’s what I’ll send to you guys for free if you sign up there. It’s a 5-minute workout that will make you feel like a rock star. It won’t feel like just squats. It is a 5-minute workout that will make you sweat and again it’s for those days where something is always better than nothing.

Dave: I’m a believer. I used to laugh when you’d see those 5-minute abs or 7-minute abs or whatever and I used to think what a joke, but man, if you push yourself in 5 minutes anyone can get a great workout.

Sara: Yeah, we all laugh at it until we do it.

Dave: Agreed, so for the listeners, if you go to I’ll put links to Sara’s excuse-proof workout and then some of the other challenges she’s mentioned as well, so you can go and get it all and figure out what works for you. Sara, thanks for everything you brought to the show today, I really appreciate it.

Sara: Thank you so much for having me.

Dave: Thanks again, Sara, for taking some time to join us today in talking about how to make time for ourselves, how to reprioritize and reframe what our priorities are in life and where we’re going, where our health is headed and what it’ll take us to get a place where we actually feel comfortable and feel healthy. Thanks, honestly, just really great wisdom.

Thank you for your excuse-proof workout. Everyone who listened today check it out, I’ve got again the link, the download link is in the show notes, so you can be sure to check that out. Thanks to you, the listeners, as always. Without you there would be no show.

Now I always say that if you ever have any questions for the show, obviously, your questions are what drive future episodes, so I’d love to hear from you. You can email me anytime, but if you’d also like to connect on Facebook that would be fantastic. I know I get a lot of conversation going on Facebook and I love hearing from you guys. You can go over to, so that just stands for Make Your Body Work Fitness. Again it’s M-Y-B-W Fitness and I’ll put the link to that in the show notes as well. Like I said your questions are what create future episodes.

The cool thing is so often I have people they’ll ask a question and they’ll start off by saying something like oh, I feel silly or probably no one else has this problem and then we’ll make it into a podcast episode. I’ll have an expert on the show that’ll talk about that.

Then I get so many messages from other people saying thank you, I couldn’t find information that said that before or that question sounded like it was coming out of my own mouth or that’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

If you’re ever hesitant about contacting me with one of your ideas or a question please don’t because I guaranty there’s someone else that would love to hear that same message that you’re looking for. Thanks again and as always I can’t wait to see you here again next week.

Thanks for joining me today!

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