Reduce Stress Guide

How To De-Stress: 42 Practical Ways to Reduce Your Stress Today

When it comes to healthy living, what's the most important "key" for you?

 If you're like most people, you might have thought about eating a nutritious diet, getting regular exercise, or maybe drinking enough water.

While those physiological factors are certainly important, there are many less-obvious variables that play a crucial role in your overall health. One of the most often-overlooked variables is how much stress is present in your life.

Reducing Your Stress Today: Your Daily Roadmap

This guide to de-stressing is designed to be a roadmap that will take you through your day chronologically.  From the moment you wake up until the time you close your eyes to go to sleep, there are many practical ways you can work towards creating a less-stressful routine. 

Stress Reduction Table of Contents

Use the buttons below to navigate to the chapters that interest you most. Each chapter contains links to amazing resources from around the Web. It might be helpful to begin with one of the stress tests found in Chapter 9.​


How Stress May Be Impacting Your Life

It's not news that stressful times happen in most of our lives, but it might be surprising to hear how significant of a problem stress has become. Almost 1 in 4 adults report feeling "quite a bit" or "extreme" stress on a daily basis. What's more, high stress levels are making us unhealthy and are worsening the quality of our lives. 

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Wake Up Without The Anxiety

While few people enjoy waking up in the morning, the start of your day doesn't have to be stress-inducing. These practical steps can help you develop a wake-up routine that is calm and sets you up for a positive day.

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Make Your Morning Stress-Free

Waking up is one thing, but getting out the door in the morning can be a stressful event all it's own. However, properly planning your morning routine can help slow things down and alleviate the feeling of being rushed out the door.

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Remove Stress From Your Workday

Whether you work in an office, at retail, in the service industry, or are a student studying for exams, stress is likely to creep up numerous times each day. Use these practical tips and tools to nurture a positive response to stress for more enjoyable work days.

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Respond To Stressful Moments In A Healthy Way

An important part of stress management is learning to deal with inevitable stressful moments when the do arise. Your response to stress can be trained and can reduce the physical and cognitive impact you feel.

How to destress during your most anxiety-provoking moments? - Try a few of these tools and techniques to see which works best for you. 

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Relieve Your Physical Stress

The work you do, the activities you're involved in, and even the way you sit can all create physical stress in your body. Oftentimes this stress goes unnoticed for too long - Eventually it "spills over" and causes sickness, injury, or increased cognitive stress. Take a few minutes to practice these physical stress reducers:

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Build Stress-Reducing Relationships

The people you spend time with have a profound impact on your satisfaction in life. Solid relationships can provide support and socialization that is so helpful for reducing stress. Use the ideas below to examine your current relationships: Are they helping reduce your stress?

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Sleep Better For Decreased Stress All Day Long

One key ingredient for reduced stress is being well-rested. A lack of sleep can cause mental fogginess and a reduced ability to deal with stressors, even minor ones. The following steps offer a well-rounded approach to achieving better sleep tonight.

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Are You Too Stressed?

The three tests below can help you quantify your current stress. If your stress scores are high, please review the previous chapters. Are there any stress-reducing suggestions that would be especially helpful for you? Is there someone you can talk to about dealing with your stress?

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