Dave Smith, Weight-Loss Coach

Losing weight is hard. Want a plan that makes it simple?

My strategies for losing 10lbs in 4 weeks aren't rocket-science, but they sure do work. Can I show you?

What Others Are Saying...


"I finally feel like myself again! I've lost 12.9lbs and have my energy back. All the bloating and pain is gone too. Thank you so much!"  -Tracy D.

[Hear how Tracy did it]

"I just lost 4 pounds that have not budged for 2 years! Yesterday my husband said, 'I have noticed a big difference in you...you have been happier, and have not said you felt sick in a long time.' So exciting!"  -Karen​ E.


"I am now down 20lbs or 9.5% of my total body weight. I have never lost weight so quickly and with changes that can be maintained going forward."  -Brian S.

[Read Brian's weight-loss story]

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