Dave Smith, Weight-Loss Coach

What's Your "Sweet Spot" Weight?

Use this calculator to find your Sweet Spot weight AND the exact date that you can get there [it's closer than you think!]

Hi, I'm Dave. Thanks for dropping by!

I get it. Your life is busy (okay, REALLY busy), and there isn't much time left for YOU...

You want to exercise more and make time for healthier eating, but it's so hard to juggle work, family, a social life, and all the commitments you already have...

It's my purpose to make things easier for you. That's why I want to invite you to a FREE workshop called THE EXERCISE FALLACY that explains the most common pitfalls people fall into when they're trying to get in shape.

Invest your time in what really matters for your improved health. It doesn't take much effort when you're on the right track. See you in the workshop!

Dave Smith